Sports Massage Dover, NHSports massage is not just for the avid athlete.  It’s great for anyone who wants the most from their body’s potential.  Sports or therapeutic massage are both great for keeping the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules and facial systems up to snuff.

Our job is to find the tight areas, relieve tension and increase blood flow while freeing any adhesions.  During sports massage the therapist assesses and addresses one area of the body at a time, while feeling for symmetry in texture and movement in the soft tissue of the area being addressed.  The therapist is feeling for adhesions or tightness in the tissue, or lack of proper motion.  Where ever asymmetry is found, that area is addressed using a variety of different massage strokes (such as compression, strain counterstain and specific stretches).

The therapy is individual to each client’s individual body’s needs, meaning we would work with a tri-athlete different than a 65 year old gardener.  With all clients the goal is symmetry in the texture and movement, so that the skeleton will lie flay, helping with proper posture and movement.