Masseuse Dover, NHThe human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. At Therapeutic Massage Company we listen to the client about their body’s needs, give help where it is out of balance, and help the body bring itself to a better state of wellness. People come in for different reasons, so we emphasize with the therapist the importance of good communication with the client, so that the client can get the best service possible – from massage recommended by your health care professional, or as part of a larger treatment plan, to manual therapy for injury or to loosen muscles. From improving muscle tone and increasing flexibility, to providing a wellness plan and a variety of other treatments. Or maybe your goal is simply to bring your body into alignment, soothe an overworked back, or relieve knots from stress. Whatever your goals for our services, we will work hard to help you realize them.


At TMC, therapists are always trying to palpate imbalances in the soft tissue. What does that mean? As the therapist works, his/her hands are continuously checking for symmetry of movement and texture of the soft tissue beneath his/her fingers. Differences in these areas are then addressed using a variety of techniques. This includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, facia, the cranial system and joint capsules. As the client lies on the table the therapist is working to find the soft tissue imbalances so that the skeleton of the client may lie flat. This improves posture and relieves stress patterns while helping the immune system and overall wellness.


  • Heal a multitude of pain/spasm cycles
  • Relieve joint, tendon, & muscle pain formation
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Alleviate tension that causes pain/headache
  • Relieve lower back pain